International Shipping Custom Skateboard Decks

Possible additional costs might be due when your package is delivered!

Our shipments are sent ‘DDU’ Deliver Duty Unpaid. This means that the transit and customs clearance costs are collected up front but that the receiver is responsible for whatever other fees that may apply. Terms follow incoterms ‘Ex Works‘.

We do not know the specific import fees and tax laws for every country but some fees we have see are: import duty(usually less than 10% but some countries have very high duties), VAT, import charge, etc. Unfortunately we can’t give a quote for these varying fees and you would need to contact an import expert for your country.  Your country may have a de minimis value and you may not have to pay anything additional.

If you are trying to ship to Brazil, Mexico, or Russia we highly recommend researching your import costs as these countries are most difficult.

Orders of 10+ Custom Printed Skateboard Decks please see .  We may have a better shipping rate for larger orders (approx 10+ decks).

Please do your research!